How to Prepare for a Board Meeting

The boardroom is a godsend for modern business, as it helps to save time, avoid unnecessary expenses and arrange a meeting in a place convenient for you. Here we will tell you how to cope with technical difficulties, choose a good service and effectively conduct online meetings.

What are the peculiarities of Board meetings?

The Board establishes the main guidelines for the company’s activities for the long term, approves key performance indicators, the main business goals of the company, strategies and business plans, control their implementation. Thus, it is important to organize a secure and reliable working environment for conducting board meetings. In this case, we are talking about boardroom software, which is designed to provide a way for boards to save time preparing for meetings, assure the cybersecurity of board materials, and help to engage meeting members from onboarding, through to convenient preparation, online discussions, and voting.

According to the current rules, the annual or extraordinary meeting is held in several stages:

  • A decision is made to hold the meeting with the appointment of the date, time, and place where the meeting will take place.
  • A list of participants is drawn up.
  • Notifications are sent by attendees that a meeting will be held.
  • A meeting of participants is held, during which a protocol is drawn up.
  • The results of the meeting are drawn up in accordance with the requirements of the legislation.

How to organize an effective Board meeting?

To prepare properly, it is important to determine in advance for what purpose you are conducting the meeting and for whom. How can you solve all the difficulties and conduct a beneficial board meeting? We have prepared step-by-step instructions on how to prepare for a board meeting:

  • Create a plan

A talk plan will help you to collect your thoughts and not miss a single important detail, it is especially important if you are planning to host your first conference It will also help you understand how long an online meeting will take and what materials you need to prepare for mailing. It is better to write the plan on paper and put it next to you so that you can spy on it at any time.

  • Prepare a detailed presentation

Without a presentation, it will be more difficult for the interlocutors to concentrate on your words and highlight the main points. It will also be convenient to send the presentation to those who, for some reason, could not attend the online meeting.

  • Choose the right boardroom portal

There are several services for online streaming and collaboration. If it is important for you to discuss something with your interlocutors, choose a webinar program that allows you to see and hear other people. If you just need to convey information to colleagues, a service with a presentation and a chat will be enough.

  • Send the required documents to the meeting participants in advance

The day before the webinar, send by mail to the interlocutors all the necessary documents – the meeting plan, participation rules, and important materials.

  • Start on time

It is always inconvenient to wait for the host, especially during an online meeting.

  • Bring lightness and fun

Because meetings are a necessary and legal part of board governance doesn’t mean that they can’t also be an enjoyable and productive part of the governance cycle. Board meetings are serious; they cover sensitive issues critical to the future of your company. However, everyone in the room is fully invested in your mission and wants to see you succeed. Lightening the mood with an occasional game or team-building exercise can help everyone think more creatively.